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2015 Season
****UPDATED 06/28/2015****

Thursday, 7/2--6:00 Eatons vs Fidelity, 8:00 Bank of Sullivan vs Hoppy
Tuesday, 7/7--6:00 Bank of Sullivan vs Hoppy, 8:00 Fidelity vs Eatons
Wednesday, 7/8--6:00 Hoppy vs Fidelity, 8:00 Bank of Sullivan vs Eatons
Thursday, 7/9--6:00 Eatons vs Fidelity, 8:00 Hoppy vs Bank of Sullivan

Wednesday, 7/1--6:00 Budget Lodging vs Dace Insurance, 8:00 Nolie Farms vs DR Sawmill
Thursday, 7/2--6:00 Farmers Insurance vs Dace Insurance
Monday, 7/6--6:00 Budget Lodging vs DR Sawmill, 8:00 Nolie Farms vs Caveman Zipline
Tuesday, 7/7--6:00 Dace Insurance vs Farmers Insurance, 8:00 Caveman Zipline vs DR Sawmill

Monday, 7/6--6:00 Knights of Columbus vs DR Sawmill, 8:00 Bank of Sullivan vs Peoples Bank
Wednesday, 7/8--6:00 DR Sawmill vs Peoples Bank, 8:00 Bank of Sullivan vs Fas-trip
Thursday, 7/9--6:00 Bank of Sullivan vs DR Sawmill

Tuesday, 6/30--6:00 PB Electric vs Beaufort Ag, 8:00 Cowtown vs Sullivan Family Dentistry
Wednesday, 7/1--6:00 Century 21 vs Friendly Folks, 8:00 Sullivan Family Dentistry vs Fidelity
Thursday, 7/2--6:00 Century 21 vs Cowtown, 8:00 Friendly Folks vs Fidelity
Monday, 7/6--6:00 Cowtown vs Ace Manufacturing, 8:00 Century 21 vs Beaufort Ag
Tuesday, 7/7--6:00 Sullivan Family Dentistry vs Ace Manufacturing, 8:00 Beaufort Ag vs PB Electric

Tuesday, 6/30--6:00 Jerry's RCA vs Kids Day Out, 7:15 Chill Billy's vs 1st Class Logistics
Wednesday, 7/1--6:00 Schmidt Auto vs 1st Class Logistics, 7:15 Chill Billy's vs Oak Grove Archery
Thursday, 7/2--6:00 Oak Grove Archery vs Krueger Vending, 7:15 West Brothers vs Schmidt Auto
Monday, 7/6--6:00 Krueger Vending vs West Brothers, 7:15 Schmidt Auto vs Oak Grove Archery
Tuesday, 7/7--6:00 Oak Grove Archery vs Schmidt Auto, 7:15 1st Class Logistics vs West Brothers

Rainout Information
*****UPDATED June 18, 2015*****

All games for Thursday and Friday, June 18 and 19 are rained out.   We will be very aggressive in rescheduling these games, and coaches will be notified when they are rescheduled...stay tuned!


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