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2015 Season
****UPDATED 04/16/15****
As of now, everyone should have been called and started practice.  All divisions are full except Instructional division.  We are a little short, so could use a few more players.  So if you know of anyone that would like to play in that division, please send them our way ASAP.  If we do not hear anything by the end of the weekend, we will close it off and just play with what we have.  

Schedules and team rosters will be uploaded soon.  Opening day for all divisions except Midgets will be Saturday, May 2.  

****UPDATED 02/25/15****
We had a great umpire season in 2014 and want to continue the excellence in 2015.  If you umpired in 2014 and want to umpire again in 2015, or you want to give it a try please fill out an application.  Umpire applications are now in the downloads section.  Fill one out and mail it to PO Box 885 in Sullivan.

Rainout Information
It is Winter, so we do not mind rain right now.  However, come May, look here for rainout information if we have it available!


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