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2015 Season
****UPDATED 06/28/2015****

Thursday, 7/2--6:00 Eatons vs Fidelity, 8:00 Bank of Sullivan vs Hoppy
Tuesday, 7/7--6:00 Bank of Sullivan vs Hoppy, 8:00 Fidelity vs Eatons
Wednesday, 7/8--6:00 Hoppy vs Fidelity, 8:00 Bank of Sullivan vs Eatons
Thursday, 7/9--6:00 Eatons vs Fidelity, 8:00 Hoppy vs Bank of Sullivan

Wednesday, 7/1--6:00 Budget Lodging vs Dace Insurance, 8:00 Nolie Farms vs DR Sawmill
Thursday, 7/2--6:00 Farmers Insurance vs Dace Insurance
Monday, 7/6--6:00 Budget Lodging vs DR Sawmill, 8:00 Nolie Farms vs Caveman Zipline
Tuesday, 7/7--6:00 Dace Insurance vs Farmers Insurance, 8:00 Caveman Zipline vs DR Sawmill

Monday, 7/6--6:00 Knights of Columbus vs DR Sawmill, 8:00 Sports Image vs Peoples Bank
Wednesday, 7/8--6:00 DR Sawmill vs Peoples Bank, 8:00 Sports Image vs Fas-trip
Thursday, 7/9--6:00 Sports Image vs DR Sawmill

Tuesday, 6/30--6:00 PB Electric vs Beaufort Ag, 8:00 Cowtown vs Sullivan Family Dentistry
Wednesday, 7/1--6:00 Century 21 vs Friendly Folks, 8:00 Sullivan Family Dentistry vs Fidelity
Thursday, 7/2--6:00 Century 21 vs Cowtown, 8:00 Friendly Folks vs Fidelity
Monday, 7/6--6:00 Cowtown vs Ace Manufacturing, 8:00 Century 21 vs Beaufort Ag
Tuesday, 7/7--6:00 Sullivan Family Dentistry vs Ace Manufacturing, 8:00 Beaufort Ag vs PB Electric

Tuesday, 6/30--6:00 Jerry's RCA vs Kids Day Out, 7:15 Chill Billy's vs 1st Class Logistics
Wednesday, 7/1--6:00 Schmidt Auto vs 1st Class Logistics, 7:15 Chill Billy's vs Oak Grove Archery
Thursday, 7/2--6:00 Oak Grove Archery vs Krueger Vending, 7:15 West Brothers vs Schmidt Auto
Monday, 7/6--6:00 Krueger Vending vs West Brothers, 7:15 Schmidt Auto vs Oak Grove Archery
Tuesday, 7/7--6:00 Oak Grove Archery vs Schmidt Auto, 7:15 1st Class Logistics vs West Brothers

Rainout Information
*****UPDATED July 2, 2015*****

All games for Thursday, July 2 are rained out.   


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